Calming Awareness

img_6579Yesterday, I found this little balcony behind the triple-decker house we’re staying in and sat here working on my computer with the birds and wind as my companions. The sound of leaves rustling against each other and the dense foliage transported me temporarily to my own little forest of a world in the middle of Somerville. I’m experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance between the Somerville I know via being a Tufts student and the Somerville I’m seeing/living in now. There are so many streets I’ve never walked through because I’ve always relied on routes that have been predetermined for us (T, bus, car roadways)… I’m finding joy in wandering the streets without relying on Google Maps, getting in touch with my inner sense of direction (which is not too shabby). I was able to go to and from the meditation center based mostly on my sense of where things where are.

At the meditation center, I sat meditating for 45 min, which was challenging at times but very fulfilling. I surprised myself too because I haven’t meditated consistently in well over a year. While I was meditating I thought of a friend I worked closely with in my first year of college. I remember one time I asked him, how do you continue organizing  and still keep yourself in tact? He replied saying that mindfulness and meditating every morning is what has kept him afloat. He entered my conscience at one point in the meditation and I had messaged him yesterday to ask if he lived in the house because I remember he once told me he was going to live in a meditation center soon. After the sitting session, I slowly made my way downstairs, taking my time to notice all the little tidbits on the walls. I was reading the bulletin board when all of sudden I heard footsteps coming towards me. I wondered if it could be this friend, like what were there chances of that happening? But before I had time to contemplate, I turned around and guess who it was? It was this friend I had thought of.

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When I’ve entered deeper states of conscious awareness, I find more meaning in the little things. Maybe it’s not so much that we’re “summoning” the spirits (lol) but just getting more in touch with our own needs and desires in that moment. Actualizing the presence of this friend was not purely a chance encounter. I like believing that things align for a reason.



Author: claireishuman

a young adult living between hong kong, beijing, london and boston

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