Day 6 // 365 Days of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for myself – for the parts of me that run free with the wind, unbeknownst to unkindness in the world.

I say this because when I stand in front of the camera, speaking to an imaginary audience, I forget that there will be people judging me. I am no longer in defense mode. And for a few minutes – just a few minutes – I can finally put down this guard I tiringly keep up. All these layers I’ve accumulated throughout the years. They don’t all disappear in that moment, but there is a weight taken off, and I’m grateful for those moments.

My imaginary audience is not only a figment of my imagination, though. I know some of the people who watch my videos, and knowing they will laugh with me and at me, in a good way, is enough for me.

So with that being said, here is a video of me being utterly me:



Author: claireishuman

a young adult living between hong kong, beijing, london and boston

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