Day 11 // 365 Days of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for my brother. Why? Just because! I’m grateful to have a sibling close in age and whom I share many things with – raised by the same parents, in the same household, lived in the same places growing up, and more recently, a fondness for the outdoors. 

We don’t usually spend a lot of one-on-one time together, but today we went out for lunch since both my parents were out. We don’t talk about much, either. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit in comfortable silence, acknowledging each other’s presence. 

I feel like as we get older, the age gap between us shrinks too. We start to speak a similar language, know more of the same things, develop some mutual interests. When I get asked if my brother and I are close, I have difficulty answering with yes or no. I do feel close to my brother but not in the same way I’d feel close to a friend. We don’t write to each other or call each other often if we’re in different places. However, when we end up in the same place and spend some time together, I am reminded of a distinct closeness. 

Sibling love aside, I started watching The Get Down on Netflix today! It’s got me looking into the post-WWII history of the South Bronx, with white flight and urban decay at their peak. Set in late 1970s South Bronx, the show captures the origins of grassroots hip hop culture. A very lively show, indeed. 


Author: claireishuman

a young adult living between hong kong, beijing, london and boston

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